Get Your Voice is a creative branding, social media and video production agency.
We love branding. We love being creative. We would love to give your brand a voice.



Based in Chicago, Get Your Voice is full of people who are passionate about branding and advertising. We champion those who have a dream and wish to make that dream heard by others. While everyone has something to say and not everybody knows how to say it, our agency works to both help you tell your story and to find the right voice (identity) for your brand.

Our team works to conceptualize your brand, create it, empower it, and ultimately shape how it will be seen and heard by your clients.


What People Say

  • At Muy Tercos we appreciate the creativity , flexibility and professionalism showed by “get your voice “ agency. They conveyed a prototype to a reality! We are really pleased with our website and looking forward to future projects.. keep it UP!!!!

    Ruth Rosales

    General Manager.
    Muy Tercos Sport Fishing Charter.
  • Working with the support of Get Your Voice Agency has had a positive impact on the dynamics of Dale Voz! 
    As producer of this project I feel confident knowing that I have a team that back me up and materialize proposals, and knows our voice.

    Manuela Tovar

    General Producer.
    Dale Voz.
  • Get Your Voice has become the necessary team. They have promoted my company ¡Dale Voz !, and also my personal brand. GYV is my ally, and I place all my trust in them, because they know identity, brand, and my dreams are theirs.

    Adolfo Nittoli

    Actor and Broadcaster.
    Official voice of History Channel for LatAm.
  • GYV has been a fundamental partner in the creation and materialization of, their team has the perfect balance between creativity, attitude and responsibility. From the basics, idea, name and logo to digital marketing and more. GYV rocks!

    Rainier Máquez Lisil

    CEO Hypertexto.
  • First, I would like to say thanks to all the team at Get Your Voice Agency.
    For all the support and the work you’ve done, I can say it is the best service I’ve ever received in my entire life. 
    As your client, we feel comfortable and confident. We know we are in the best hands because that’s what this wonderful team has shown to us.
    From Galap by Pablo Bailon atelier, I, Jose Pincay, want to send all of you the best vibes and wishes and, of course, that you continue bringing to life all the ideas that move the world.

    Cheers and freedom.

    José Xavier Pincay

    General Manager
    Galap - Ecuador



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- GYV team


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