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Consumer Profiling

The Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a strategy used in the business world to not only sell products and services, but to promote the identity of a brand. With the birth of the Internet and the expansion of globalization, marketing strategies have evolved to a digital presence. Consumers are interested in making individual and group connections through social media networks based on their interest, wants and needs. Success in this social media boom is based on the amount of followers, likes and positive comments received.

For the past decade, sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and LinkedIn, have forced brands to increase their digital presence and shift their marketing strategies to reach consumers digitally. However, brands often struggle to market their products and services to the infinite amount of consumers now available in the digital world. In order to successfully launch a digital marketing strategy, brands must first create an ideal consumer profile.

Consumer profiling is used to identify and describe the type of consumer a brand should be targeting for digital marketing purposes. Once identified, brands are able to cater to the specific needs of their ideal consumer and find success in selling the right products and services. By having an ideal consumer profile, a brand can focus on investing in the right products, instead of taking a shot in the dark, hoping to reach someone. When a brand does not have a defined ideal consumer profile, their digital marketing strategy is ineffective. Customizing a marketing strategy to a specific consumer profile will help a brand increase profits and reduces losses.

Before launching a new marketing strategy, it is vital to create a consumer profile that can range from simple to complex. Simple profiles can be developed by categorizing a consumer by lifestyle, stage of life, demographics, socioeconomic status, generation or geography. This type of profile is recommended for service based brands such as information technology, consulting and professional services. These profiles are often developed by the brand’s owner and need little to none market research.

Complex profiles are developed by professional market researchers through consumer panels and market research. This type of profile is recommended for large companies such as restaurants and department stores. Marketing firms developed the profile by carefully studying consumer behavior and the influence of a product in a selected market. The type of consumer profiling will depend on the needs of the brand. Success in the digital consumer market may feel impossible and overwhelming due to the infinite consumer wants and needs. However, once a brand identifies their ideal consumer profile, an effective marketing strategy can be developed. This will help the brand identify who, where and how to reach the targeted consumer looking for what the brand has to offer.

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